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Our Approach

The Quality Management Plan (QMP) defines the systems and practices to be employed to ensure all engineering, procurement and construction processes for the Balance of Plant scope are undertaken in compliance with the Client’s Requirements.

Quality controls are designed and implemented based on the Client’s Requirements, legal obligations, and all relevant Standards. We design and implement Inspection Test Plans and Records, and all evidence is kept and compiled within the Manufacture Data Report (MDR). 

Company quality performance and monitoring processes include regular internal audits, subcontractor audits and performance evaluation assessments. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are designed specifically for each project.

Our HSEQ management software is used to manage any non-conformances, opportunities for improvement, lessons learned, and actions captured throughout the project.

Zenviron is always looking for ways to improve, that is why our Lessons Learned framework is one of the most important quality tools in the business. From the start to end of a project, all lessons learned are logged in software and regular workshops are held with Senior Management and members of the Project Team to discuss actions, opportunities for improvement and/or process changes. The most significant Lessons Learned and knowledge is shared with new projects.

Zenviron Quality Policy
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