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We are a passionate group of individuals collectively striving for a sustainable future for generations to come. There is a better way to generate energy that doesn’t cost the earth, and we harness it to drive innovation in renewable energy methods through wind farm technology. Our team are not only some of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the industry, but are also completely committed to the cause and to banding together for a greater good.  

At Zenviron, we seek: To lead a renewable energy future, bringing our customers and the community with us to leave a positive legacy. 

Our substantial contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the risks and impacts of climate change has been led by our highly competent and experienced team.


The Leadership Team

 Team ZIM001_Carl-Keating_27
Carl Keating Chief Executive Officer

Carl lives and, well, literally breathes renewable energy. Being in the sector since 2001, he broke new ground on the first large scale wind farm project in Australia. Decades later, Carl manages teams that deliver some of the country’s largest renewable energy projects, from initial concept, right through design, construction and the operational phase. With over 35 years of experience in engineering and renewable energy, he is a key force guiding Zenviron’s success.

 Team ZIM001_Richard-Clark_13
Richard Clark Chief Financial Officer

An accomplished senior finance professional with a success record that is one of the best in the business, Richard is a great asset to Zenviron. His areas of expertise include strategic financial planning, financial systems design and implementation, risk management and treasury practices. Prior to Zenviron, Richard’s extensive experience encompasses board representation, strategic planning, business acquisitions, and enhancement of financial reporting systems.

 Team ZIM001_Beth-Rigby_32
Beth Rigby General Manager

With over 20 years’ experience in major construction project management, the UK expat (10 years in Australia) has a breadth of experience across both greenfield projects and major shutdown maintenance projects. In recent years, Beth has coordinated and streamlined delivery of renewable projects to our clients, working with them closely to ensure smooth project delivery. Beth’s trust with stakeholders delivers consistent and strong results, supporting Zenviron in successful project outcomes.

 Team ZIM001_Zoran-Blazevic_15
Zoran Blazevic Operations Manager

With over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, with a strong focus on the infrastructure and renewable energy sector, Zoran is a force in the Zenviron team. Since joining the team in 2016, he has worked on or managed 10 wind farm projects, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the entire team, through all aspects of the project’s life cycle. From concept and development, Zoran inspires the team and our customers with his quiet confidence and incredible understanding of the sector.

Marty Corrigan Project Director

Having grown up in the agriculture industry, Marty has 15 years engineering, project and leadership experience across the heavy industrial, ports and logistics industries. A qualified engineer with extensive design, scheduling, and production experience. Marty has completed furthers studies in accounting, a Master of Business Administration, and the Australian Institute of Company Directors Course. Marty’s projects included large scale maintenance program delivery, construction works of new infrastructure, equipment replacement works, electrical infrastructure upgrades and the introduction of automation technologies.

 Team ZIM001_Eugene-Dagher_2
Eugene Dagher HSEQ & Systems Manager

For 20 years, Eugene has been developing and executing his incredible skills in environmental planning and assessment, health, safety and quality management in a range of construction sectors including power, water, gas, renewable energy, manufacturing and communication sectors. He provides professional and qualified strategic advice to senior management and clients, supporting business transformation, culture development and corporate communications, while supporting key site HSEQ personnel in delivering a sustainable and safe workplace.

 Team ZIM001_Bruce-Rummins_22
Bruce Rummins Engineering Manager

Two decades in the industry and Bruce still has the same passion and dedication to renewable energy as he did on day one. With experience in electrical engineering and project management, his broad experiences span across planning, design, asset and contract management. He brings practical realities to the table during early stages of project scoping, and conceptual design with pragmatic advice throughout the entirety of the project, steering the engineering team to optimised outcomes in the delivery phase.

 Team ZIM001_Bjarne-Jensen_8
Bjarne Jensen Cranes and Logistics Manager

Working on wind turbines before most of the population had even heard the term, Bjarne is a seasoned expert in manufacturing, assembly, installation, commissioning and servicing of some of the biggest wind farms internationally and in Australia. Since migrating to Australia in 2007, he has managed the delivery, installation and commissioning of some of Zenviron’s largest projects scopes.

 Team ZIM001_Brendan-Hile_23
Brendan Hile Electrical Construction Manager

Working primarily on high voltage electrical installations and major renewable projects for 14 years, Brendan has extensive experience delivering over 10 wind farms and high voltage substation projects. His involvement in planning, procurement, subcontract negotiation and project management has offered a hands-on approach to everything from construction through to commissioning, close out and handover. Brendan leads through adversity with adaptable problem-solving skills making him a valuable member of the Zenviron management team.

 Team ZIM001_Sam-Hillard_12
Sam Hillard Project Manager

For a decade Sam has directed his post graduate experience in the construction industry, working on major renewable infrastructure projects in the Balance of Plant space. Sam’s involvement on these projects ranges extensively from initial head contract negotiation, planning, procurement, subcontract negotiation, project management and construction all the way through to commissioning, close out and handover. Sam has strong communication, leadership, relationship building and problem-solving skills making him a valuable member of the Zenviron management team.

Sam Shumack Proposals Manager

Sam understands that the key to a successful project is a solid foundation, something he learned during his time in commercial property development and construction. He is committed to developing strong relationships with project stakeholders and leverages his knowledge of approvals, design, risk management, and financial management to help clients set their projects on the right track. Sam is passionate about supporting Australia's renewable energy future.