safety Overview

highest safety standards, no exceptions

Health, Safety and the Environment are at the heart of everything we do at Zenviron. Much more than process and procedure, it involves a culture of continuous learning throughout the organisation not limited to the most up-to-date safety protocols and practices in the industry. Our objective is to create and maintain a business and culture that supports things being done safely and right the first time, without exception.

Our HSE strategy at the highest level, is predicated on our belief in empowering people.

This means:

  • We understand that our people have insights on what helps or prevents good HSE management.

  • We respect and empower our people to be creative in making informed HSE decisions.

  • We consult with our people and customers to ensure that we listen and learn, and sponsor knowledge sharing.

  • We build autonomy that facilitates greater responsibility taking and accountability.

We are dedicated to thorough onboarding of new team members, and internal position changes, and ongoing training in compliance, safety and ingrained adherence to best possible outcomes. 


Our Four Pillars

Key focus areas for safety and environment

 Safety icon-control Control Critical Risks

Tightly control our critical safety and environmental risks.

 Safety icon-people Empower People

Empower people to take greater responsibility.

 Safety icon-leadership Enable Leadership & Culture

Build a culture of accountability and positivity.

 Safety icon-improve Improve & Simplify

Continuously improve and simplify our systems

Zenviron Health and Safety Policy
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